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Name: Dervla Louli

Hong Kong (formerly Saudi Arabia and Ireland)

Studied at: Business and law at University College Dublin and a Master of Finance at Trinity College Dublin. I was either going to be a family lawyer or investment banker before publishing stole my heart.
How would you describe your personal style? Simple and effortless with statement accents. I pack a lot into my mornings so I need to get dressed in a couple of minutes. I don't like wearing complicated outfits so I'll pick something easy, throw on flats and my boyfriend's watch before heading out the door. I invest in shoes and handbags and if I find something I love, I buy it in bulk.
Who are your style icons? Lucia Tait Tolani, check out her website here and Geneva Vanderzeil of A Pair and A Spare. Lucia has the urban luxe look nailed and Geneva's approach to fashion makes me look at my wardrobe in a whole new light.
What is your one go to piece of lingerie? A balcony bra because I have (what I consider) a large bust. I also couldn't live without seamless items.
If you could be a designer for a day what would you design? Evening gowns. I'm tall and I can't find evening gowns that fit correctly so prefer gorgeous crop tops and maxi skirts instead of dresses.
What does your walk in closet look like and which are your favorite items in it? My wardrobe is full of classic pieces mixed in with completely impractical things like 6" heels that I can hardly walk in. My friend's mum calls them “car to bar shoes” and she has a good point! My two favorite items are a crop top from A Boy Named Sue, a Hong Kong-based online shop and a black top and skirt from SAU Clothing, another Hong Kong-based brand.

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