Lingerie Lover - Entrepreneur Gabriella Zavatti from Zavva

Samantha Wordsworth

Posted on November 30 2014

Name: Gabriella Zavatti
Hometown: Hong Kong

Studied at: The University of Melbourne

Style Icon: I like the timelessness of the young Charlotte Rampling and Lauren Hutton, and the strength of Emmanuel Alt’s wardrobe

What inspired you to start your own business? I’ve always loved creating and developing ideas, and got my first taste of implementing this in the business world when I launched a small jewelry business at the age of 16. I have had the entrepreneurial bug ever since! For ZAVVA, when I came back to HK after finishing Uni, I noticed there was an unmet need so I set out to identify an innovative means to fulfill it; I wanted to bridge the gap between the expense of purchasing a shot in a club, and the inconvenience of creating a shot at home. I was inspired to create a Hong Kong brand that could serve as the ultimate ‘middle ground’ between the two.

Tell us what a day in the life of an entrepreneur is like! No two days are ever the same; there’s a whole lot of spontaneity and unpredictability! I prefer to start my days early, waking up around 6.30am to take time to catch up on the news, eat a good breaky, and beat the crowds getting into the city. I always carry a mini notepad with me as I’m constantly jotting down notes to organize my thoughts and map out my day ahead a little bit. Most days I’m zipping between meetings, whether they’re relating to strategic partnerships, distribution opportunities, logistics, merchandising, events, administration, or brand development. If I’m en route to appointments, I’ll always pop into a 7-Eleven store to chat with the staff and check on ZAVVA. I like that I’m never bound to the office, but there are of course days when I need to be, particularly when we have to coordinate shipments between our factory and the markets where we distribute; Hong Kong, Taiwan & Singapore. All 3 markets require highly detailed work, not only on a logistical level, but also relating to PR / marketing standpoint. Needless to say, it all a bit eclectic! Having an organized foundation is one thing, but a lot of happenings in the day are pretty impromptu and unforeseen.

How would you define your personal style? I favour comfort and practicality; I like strong simple cuts and good quality fabrics. I wear a lot of solid neutrals, as opposed to bright prints. I like to invest in more timeless pieces these days and I’m at a stage now where I’m trying to sort through my wardrobe, remove the clutter, and inject in some long lasting classics. For me, this starts with a well-tailored blazer, nicely cut denim, loafers, a staple black dress, and a good white button down shirt – and of course, beautiful lingerie to wear under it all!

What is your go to piece of lingerie and why? Anything involving lace, and for undies that’s normally in the form of a Brazilian cut undies or a thong; something that can delicately fit under clothes but makes you feel great wearing them. To me, that’s the whole point of lingerie anyways – it should be for you

What cant you leave your house without? Boring but true, but a water bottle. I carry one everywhere.

What’s next for Zavva? We were super excited to have just launched ZAVVA in Singapore, our third market! Next on the cards, we’re working on some new flavours and we are in discussions now to expand ZAVVA in additional countries. We are always on the look out to build exciting strategic partnerships and collaborate with brands, particularly on a local level. We came out with a fresh slogan recently; ‘One Shot, Endless Possibilities’ which encompasses ZAVVA’s ability to fuse well with other realms, like food and fashion. This is something I want to develop further.

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