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Name: Priscilla I'Anson

Hometown: Hong Kong

Studied in: Hong Kong, Massachusetts & Sydney

Style Icon: I wouldn't necessarily say that she's my style icon, but I love everything that Vogue Australia's Christine Centenera wears.

What is your go to piece of lingerie and why? In the summer, I always go for underwire-free unpadded styles, because summer for me is all about this very carefree feeling coupled with a more relaxed style.  I love a bra that has a bit of detail that pokes through a loose tee or unbuttoned shirt--my Mimi Holliday 'Bisou Bisou' triangle bra is perfect for wearing in this way.  In the winter, I wear more structured pieces and that lends itself to a more structured bra style, too.

Who has been your favorite person to style and why? I love styling any models that bring their personality to the clothes.  Someone such as Eve Smith (aka DJ Eve Speciall) is such a special person to work with, because no matter what the concept of the shoot, you can always see her personality shining through.  I like working with people like that, who really add that something extra to the clothes and give them life.  I'm definitely not the kind of stylist who thinks models should just be a glorified 'rack' on which to hang clothing!

Tell us what a day in the life of you is like! Every day for me is so different.  If I'm working on an editorial shoot, that means going through all the shows of the season to figure out which pieces fit in with the shoot concept, and then contacting the PRs to see if they have those pieces available.  If it's a commercial client, that means meeting them to discuss the concept and narrative of the shoot and then putting together presentation decks with my wardrobe recommendations.  If I have a private client, it could be going to their house to do a wardrobe review or taking them shopping.  I also do a lot of creative consulting work, so that means meeting clients and discussing potential ideas for campaigns, communications initiatives or even consulting in terms of design.  Every day is so different for me, I never know what to expect, but I love that about what I do.  For me, there's nothing worse than being stuck at a desk from 9 to 5 staring at a computer!

How would you define your personal style? My personal style is quite straightforward; I prefer pieces that are classic with a twist.  When it comes to silhouette, I tend to like things either nipped in at the waist and then flared on the bottom or short and loose.  During the day, I usually gravitate towards separates; if I'm on a shoot, you'll almost always find me in a pair of shorts, just because I find them to be the most practical and comfortable thing to wear when I'm on my feet around all day running around.  I do attend a lot of events and parties in the evenings, in which case I'll often throw on a dress or something more 'styled'.  And, of course, a pair of heels.  I love a good bootie, no matter what the time of year!

If there was one designer you could work with who would it be? Although my mind does go straight to the big, historic fashion houses, I think I would actually prefer working with a newer, younger label.  There's just so much more room to grow and experiment!  I have immense respect for what the designers at Proenza Schouler are doing with textile development and their product mix, so if I had the chance to work with them on a design level, that would be phenomenal.  Styling wise, I think it would be so much fun to work with a label such as Isabel Marant; her shows and campaigns always have such a great energy to them and the styling is a really important part of how the brand is marketed and perceived.

Which have been your favourite runway shows the past season at fashion week and why? Again, I have to say that I loved what some of the lesser known designers are doing right now.  My favourite shows that I saw at Paris Fashion Week were Chalayan, Sacai and Ellery.  Haider Ackermann is stunning every single season.  I also loved Chloe, as I felt there was a incredible breath of fresh air blown into the clothing.  For the New York shows, I'm always excited to see what Rosie Assoulin does and she did not disappoint this season!  


Priscilla's picks are now available at Sheer!   *photo credit Boris Burgess

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