Lingerie Lover, fashion mogul & globetrotter Michelle Lai

Jeffrey Atizado

Posted on August 31 2014

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Name: Michelle Lai
Hometown: Home is HK with stints here and there
Studied in: King's College London
Which was the last city that inspired you? I hate to give a cliche answer, but it's Paris. I'm there quite often for friends and for work. It's a great place for a staycation, to take a step back and see the bigger picture. There's always lots to see and do. I love the vibe of the city and I always come away refreshed and inspired.
What do you love about being a designer? There are so many challenges to running your own business, but I like the creative aspect of it. You get pretty creative having to deal with the roller coaster of emotions! You're always thinking on your feet, coming up with creative solutions. I get to design and make products I like and believe in. And I've met some of the most interesting and diverse characters since starting MISCHA.
What is your go to piece of lingerie and why? A great lacy bra. It makes you feel sexy, gives you good posture, and the boys always notice!
Who is your style icon and why? No one person in particular. It has to be someone with grace and style, that possesses that twinkle in her eye.
If you could be anyone for a day who would it be? Out of curiosity I'd probably choose to be a man for a day to see what it's like. Probably someone adventurous on an expedition of some sort.
If you could have one wish granted, what would it be? I'd love to be able to travel time! Imagine going back in time to ancient Egypt, to relive amazing moments in your past, or to stop yourself from making those bad decisions.  Think 'About Time' a la Richard Curtis.
How would you define our personal style? I guess something comfortable but with a little va va voom! Michelle picks are now available at Sheer. Mischa will be launching their second capsule collection this week at PMQ with Kapok. For more information about their new CAMO Collection check out

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