Sheer Valentine's Day Contest

We are happy to announce the winner of our "The Craziest Thing You've Done for Love" Valentine's Day contest this year featuring special prizes including a lingerie set of choice and a tailor-made dinner for two at Stone Nullah Tavern courtesy of chef Vinny Lauria. Congratulations Ms. C!


"It was 1999, the summer before Y2K and everyone was worried about crazy things happening and the world blowing up.

Me and my bf decided to go crazy together that summer in case the world came to an end. We were also wildly, passionately, madly in love and couldn’t get enough of each other. On one crazy date, we went to Casa Loma, Toronto’s only remaining castle. We had heard stories that there are a few secret passages in the castle and one in particular that led to the owner, Sir Henry’s secret love room. We were determined to find it and, well, get some… lovin… ourselves ;p How nuts would it be to lie on the same bed – albeit dusty bed – that Sir Henry did his deed on with his many mistresses? (we were young, irresponsible, and followed our fantastical passions, rather than our head … or hygiene, clearly)

When we got to Casa Loma, we had to join an organized tour in order to see the house. We also needed the tour guide to take us to Sir Henry’s study, which is allegedly where the secret passageway was. After an hour and a half of not-so-thrilling rooms and the antsy-ness and anticipation of will-we-or-will-we-not find it, we got to Sir Henry’s study. It was blocked off by a rope and all we could do was peer inside. 

Long story short, the tour moved on, I feigned a stomach-ache, we left the tour to go to the ‘washroom’ and doubled back to the study, crawled under the rope, and spent the next 10 minutes knocking on every part of the wall. I even remember ducking behind the desk when we heard someone coming to view the room! Even though we wanted to find it, I don’t think we truly were expecting to… but we did! It was behind a heavy bookshelf and was a rickety old staircase leading to a small upstairs attic-like room. It was insane and being the kids we were, we scampered up the stairs with our hearts pounding from doing something we weren't supposed to. There was the bed, and small dirty window and a small desk and chair and we proceeded to “go nuts” everywhere … until a security guard came because we were TOTAL idiots and forgot to close the bookshelf behind us in our excitement… and we were literally booted out of Casa Loma completely red-faced and barred from ever returning again, but feeling incredibly victorious, and satisfied." 

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